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Kynlee Cresswell, left, of Bishop Alexander Carter, attempts to evade Julia Anderson, of the Lasalle Lancers, during flag football action at the Lancer Flag Football Senior Tournament at the Lancer Dome in Sudbury, Ont. on Thursday April 28, 2022. John Lappa/Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network Photo by John Lappa /John Lappa/Sudbury Star

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The indoor flag football game is a somewhat different animal from the one in which female high school athletes participate in near record numbers each and every fall in Sudbury.

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Some might even be inclined to suggest a more exciting version, if not a better alternative to the full-field option that has garnered more than a little attention in recent years.

Those same folks might point to the recent 2022 Lancer Flag Football Showcase as Exhibit A, with tournaments on back-to-back weeks bringing together 16 junior and senior teams, and with countless contests coming right down to the wire, including a pair of championship finals decided in overtime.

That may have been more than event organizer and Lasalle Secondary educator Lance Patrie imagined.

“We wanted to give the girls one more opportunity to play, looking at ways of growing the game in Sudbury,” he stated. “We wanted to keep it growing, keep that momentum, maybe attract a few more athletes from other sports who perhaps couldn’t play in the fall.”

Switching the field of play to a side-to-side version, now able to effectively split a standard football venue into three separate sections capable of hosting these mini-games, if you will, was something of a no-brainer.

“Having three games at a time really helps you run the event in just one school day,” said Patrie, with a junior tournament scheduled for April 21 and the senior event running exactly one week later. “The motivation for the rules comes through the adult flag football league in Sudbury.”

And therein lay the biggest benefit to fans of the game, the rapid back and forth of a sport now adapted such that every touchdown accounts for one point. No field goals, no rouges, no safeties — just a race to the end zone at an often frenetic pace.

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“We knew we would not be able to run our big running plays that we normally do,” noted Bishop Carter Gators multi-sport star …….


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