WESTERLY — High school indoor track can be quite challenging.

It’s difficult to have consistency in training sessions due to the weather. Icy outdoor facilities with the wind chills in the teens are not the ideal conditions in which to be running.

Every meet is in Providence. And that can often mean late return times to town.

But for Westerly High junior Kaya West and her younger sister, freshman Cali West, the season had even greater challenges.

“They both had COVID so it was an uphill climb. They were both out about a month and it affected them quite a bit,” coach David Federico said. “We had to really ramp it up just to get them ready for the state meet.”

Despite the setback, the West sisters still earned their fair share of postseason honors, which are based on performances in championship meets.

Kaya West was first team in the Headley Division and the Medium Class in the 600. She was also second team in the 1,000 in the division and class.

Cali West earned third-team Medium Class recognition in both the 1,500 and the 1,000.

They teamed with Mikayla Sousa and Sofia Collino to earn second team All-State in the 4×800 relay. Kaya West, Mia Woycik, Summer Bruno and Ella Faubert earned third-team All-State in the 4×400 relay.

Nina Cillino, Kaya West, Bruno and Faubert were third-team Medium Class in the 4×400.

Nina Cillino, Sousa, Woycik and Faubert were third-team All-Headly Division in the 4×400. Nina Cillino, Bruno, Woycik and Faubert were third team in the 4×200.


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