AUBURN — With construction set to begin in the coming month, the Auburn Sports Group secured yet another win earlier this week.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Traction Athletic Performance will add a second world class training facility at the park. The athletic training specialists currently operate a facility on the north side of Fort Wayne on Marciel Drive.

Dre Muhammad, founder and CEO, is an Indiana University graduate who grew up in Fort Wayne, graduating from Harding High School. Muhammad has teamed up with fellow athletes from Fort Wayne, including Lawrence Barnett, Antoine Taylor, a graduate of South Side High School, and a cast of 10 other specialists to provide the best athletic performance training possible.

Traction AP’s focus and approach is to integrate human development, mental performance, athletic performance and skills training into sports.

Although the group’s main focus is currently on football athletes, it also works with athletes focusing on basketball and other sports.

Muhammad said the move to Auburn Sports Park’s facility off of Interstate 69 was a natural fit. The training facility will give the company an opportunity to serve additional athletes in northeast Indiana. He said northeast Indiana is a huge market for the company.

“We have got a lot of positive reactions,” Muhammad said of the announcement by Auburn Sports Group earlier this week.

Muhammad compared his facility as a one-stop shop sort of a “Walmart” for football athletes. The team’s training focuses on development of the total athlete. The group works with children as young as 8 or 9 years of age all the way through college and the pros.

Muhammad, Barnett and Taylor currently work with some big name pro athletes.

Rod Sinn, president and co-owner of Auburn Sports Group, said securing Traction AP is just another huge win for the facility.

He said one of the keys to the sports park’s success will be the people the group surrounds itself with.

“You have to surround yourself with quality people with character,” Sinn said. “The character and loyalty of these guys is unbelievable. We are surrounding ourselves with the best.”

Muhammad said today’s athlete is more and more in tuned to what he or she needs to succeed throughout their career. Their mission to succeed has them seeking out training facilities such as the one he operates.

“We have a proven process for player development and offer performance training that can translate to any sport,” Muhammad said.

Taylor, who is better known as “The Quarterback Whisperer,” said training is becoming extremely valued.

“The value of training is being embedded in everyone’s mind,” he said. “You don’t know the difference between good and bad until you obtain the best.”

Taylor pointed to the indoor football field, which will be constructed on the property as a game changer. The indoor field will allow the group to train year round.

“This just made sense for us,” Muhammad said. “It feels right.”

Sinn said groundbreaking on Phase 1 of the project should be in the next 30 to 45 days. Phase 1 includes work on the current parking lot, renovations to the main auction building at the former R&M Auction facility and the transformation of the former office on the north end of the property for Traction AP.

Sinn said Traction AP should be able to move into the building before the first …….


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