SPOKANE, Wash. — Airdome Northwest filed a permit to install a new commercial building near the Hillyard skate park in Spokane.

According to documents, the application for the proposed 39,884 square-foot indoor sports practice facility was submitted by the owner of the Airdome Northwest, Dan Cantu. Architect Dan Whittaker will build it.

The indoor sports facility will be similar, but smaller than the track dome at Washington State University’s Pullman campus located at Ferdinand’s Ln. All WSU athletic programs use the WSU building facility and it is also used to host sports events.

The 87,000 square-foot facility features a full NCAA 200-meter track, triple jump pits, pole vault lanes, shot and disc arc and a 60-sprint track. It also has a Rollout turf system for sports practices like soccer, baseball, golf and football. The facility helps athletes to train year-round, regardless of the weather conditions outside, like the weather or air quality. 

According to documents, the proposed indoor facility building will be located at 3939 E. Joseph in Spokane. The facility will be 40-feet tall and will have space for 798 people.


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