Most NCAA spring sports start the 2022 season in the cold of winter and will continue all the way into the heat of summer. NC men’s indoor volleyball kicked things off for the 2022 spring schedule on Jan. 5 and many more will be following right behind. 

There will be many champions looking to repeat in 2022, Mississippi State baseball (DI) and Boston College women’s lacrosse (DI) will look to win its second titles this season. A couple notables include Barry men’s tennis (DII), which will shoot for its sixth title, and Southern California beach volleyball (DI), which will aim for its fourth. 

Other noteworthy teams are mentioned in the table below to help indicate the start of their respective sport’s season.

Here is the NCAA spring sports schedule for 2022. (Scroll from left to right to view the entire table).



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DI Baseball February 18 June 17-26/27 Omaha, Nebraska
DII Baseball February 1 June 4-11 Cary, North Carolina
DIII Baseball Salisbury – February 13 June 3-8 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
NC Beach Volleyball February 24 May 6-8 Gulf Shores, Alabama
DI Men’s Golf Pepperdine – January 24 May 27-June 1 Scottsdale, Arizona
DII Men’s Golf February 1 May 16-20 Detroit, Michigan
DIII Men’s Golf January 15 May 10-13 Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida
DI Women’s Golf Ole Miss – January 23 May 20-25 Scottsdale, Arizona
DII Women’s Golf February 1 May 10-14 Gainesville, Georgia
DIII Women’s Golf January 15 May 10-13 Houston, Texas
DI Men’s Lacrosse Virginia – January 23 May 28-30 East Hartford, Connecticut
DII Men’s Lacrosse February 1 May 28-30 East Hartford, Connecticut
DIII Men’s Lacrosse RIT – February 19 May 28-30 East Hartford, Connecticut
DI Women’s Lacrosse February 11 May 27-29 Baltimore, Maryland
DII Women’s Lacrosse February 1 May 20-22 St. Charles, Missouri
DIII Women’s Lacrosse Salisbury – February 12 May 28-29 Salem, Virginia
DI Rowing Texas – March 26 May 27-29 Sarasota, Florida
DII Rowing February 1 May 27-29 Sarasota, Florida
DIII Rowing January 15 May 27-29 Sarasota, Florida
DI Softball February 10 June 2-9/10 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
DII Softball February 1 May 26-30 Denver, Colorado
DIII Softball Virginia Wesleyan – February 19 May 26-31 Salem, Virginia